Training with Vanguard is designed to develop swordsmanship skill in the individual fundamentally on use of the sword & dagger. Although there is much that is recognisable as historic in our approach, our aim is to allow the individual to express their unique swordsmanship style.

Vanguard has developed a ‘Pyramid of Training’ that builds skills from theory all the way to free-play. This progression typically takes six months during which time the Scholar is expected to acquire essentially safety gear and weaponry.

New Scholars commence training by receiving basic instruction with more experienced Scholars working on specific skills. As new Scholars progress in training, both groups are encouraged come together to reinforce skills in a mentoring environment.

The videos below illustrate some of the Combat Plays taught to new Scholars as the means to practice applying swordplay techniques in a predictable yet safe environment.


Vanguard allows some discretion to the new Scholar in the sword they wish to commence training with. As a rule we allow three categories of sword type to be used being the Rapier, Sword and Sabre. Examples are illustrated below:

Sword Variant

Sabre Variant

An example of the type of Longsword that Free Scholars (senior students) are encouraged to study is illustrated below:


We recommend The Knight Shop for all our gear.

Training Times and Venue

Training occurs twice weekly between 7.30pm to 9.00pm on the following days:

  • Mondays – Guided and free practice for all ranks
  • Wednesday – Trainer-led instruction for all ranks

Training occurs in the undercover area at:

Oakleigh State School
Buxton Street, Ashgrove

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$100.00 per 6 months

Student Enrollment

The VSA accepts new students in February and July of each year. The only exceptions to this are equipped and experienced students from other recognised swordsmanship schools that undertake a Free Scholar examination to determine whether they can transfer across into the Vanguard.

Expressions of interest can be directed to the VSA via our contact page.

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