Our motto is ‘Semper Anticus‘ meaning ‘Always in Front’


The VSA Crest has been designed to reflect how we see ourselves as an organisation; that is we are always striving forward to better ourselves and the art.

VSA Great Seal

The VSA crest represents the following heraldic meaning:

  • The cross pattee (military cross) represents our western martial heritage,
  • The laurel wreath represents victory and scholarly study of the art,
  • The eagle represents reaching for a higher ideal,
  • White represents sincerity and peaceful intent,
  • Blue represents strength and loyalty
  • The rapier and longsword represent the different swordplay styles we study.


The VSA is divided into three hierarchical levels:

  • Provost Captain: This member is elected annually from the Council of Arms and must be of Provost rank. Chief responsibility is to act as the Academy’s official representative and to make decisions that maintain the integrity and standard of the VSA.
  • Council of Arms: This body is made up of all Provosts and above and represents the legislative arm of the Academy. The primary responsibility of the Council of Arms is to make recommendations to the Provost Captain and administer all executive decisions.
  • General Membership: This body encompasses all other members of the VSA.


The VSA has linked its ranking structure directly to the teaching syllabus and to the degree of responsibility displayed by the student. Rank is shown by the wearing of an embroidered patch on the left sleeve of the uniform.

  • Scholar – Student undergoing essential swordsmanship instruction and acquiring equipment. Typically a student remains as Scholar for a period of no less then 12 months.
  • Free Scholar – Senior student having passed their Free Scholar prize and is continuing to refine Sword & Dagger skills and may have commenced study into other weapons such as Longsword. This rank takes approximately two years to achieve.
  • Provost – An instructor within the Academy working to the Master or Provost Captain. This rank cannot be achieved in less than three years.
  • Master – Work it out once one of us gets there.

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